Sunday, May 6, 2007

There many signs what we're reached adulthood. What many people don't realize is that your living situation is a sign. I've already talked about living on your own. And trust me, my mother gave me grief about writing that on my blog. But what does your place say about you?

Are you a confidant professional person? Are you someone who's responible but with some spunk? Do you have a personality?

Let it show in your living space. No more street corner sofas. No mattress on the floor. No pool table as the sole furniture in your living room. Even if your current place isn't your permanent place it doesn't have to mean it has to be a cardboard box. You're not a MASH unit.

Invest in your image and well being. Know what you need and your price range. Your place is now your home.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Takes a little bit of time sometimes

Sorry for the missed postings. Working 55 to 60 hours a week can have that zombi affect on the rest of your life and responsibilites. My apologies.

This brings me to my topic. Taking a little bit of time for yourself. When in college you probably never thought that it would be ok or even possible to have a social life without constantly going out at every opportunity. But taking a little down time for yourself will put everything else in perspective. You don't always have time during the week.

Go to the gym and think of nothing up pumping iron. Go for a long walk, as it is getting so very nice out, and let your mind wonder everywhere it needs to go. Keep a pad of stationary and write/draw/compose to your heart's content.

It will help you through those sleepless nights.

On a personal note: things on my mind: making a doctor's appointment as soon as possible, paying my phone bill, renewing my lease and going to the dry cleaners, as I'm fast running out of dress pants. Now I can get back to work. Thanks.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Walk the streets for money

Every workplace is different. Different demographics, different people and different culture. No matter where you are or who you work with there are some work habits that are good to have with you.

Respond to your emails and voicemails in a timely matter. I used to work for a company where it was policy to return emails and voicemails within one hour during business hours and within 24 hours during weekends. It’s great policy that I still abide by. In this fast paced world, no one wants to wait for information, not even you. If you are on vacation or otherwise out of the office, set your out of office on to let people know who to contact in your stead. It shows that you’re a responsible professional.

Be excited about your job. Even if your job may not be your first choice or just something to fill your resume, it’s important put your game face on at work. Your boss will notice and it will put in you in a better position for the next project or promotion.

Keep some of your personal life personal. There are lots of things that are just nobody’s business. Pictures of you making out with someone or drunk on vacation are not something you want to display on your desk or computer screensaver. Don’t talk loudly on your cell phone either. There are plenty of things that you may say to a friend or boy/girlfriend that you would be embarrassed to say to a coworker.

There are plenty of things you should be doing when you’re at work without having to defend your professionalism and capabilities.

Friday, March 23, 2007

I feel good…

I’m feeling a bit under the weather lately. Traveling always gets me sick. Ugh. So I want to take some time to talk about health care.

Remember back in high school you had to take a physical every year before school starting if you wanted to play sports? You may not have had these yearly physicals since then. Yes, you may be in your 20’s but you are still getting older. Sucks, huh? Get a check up. You may be surprised to find your cholesterol level; your weight or that you may have developed allergies.

If your company offers decent health insurance, there is no reason for you not to use it. You’re paying for it anyway. Get your checkups, dental and optical. Get a doctor who has good qualifications and good office hours. Take care of yourself.

Friday, March 16, 2007

I dont mind if I don't hear a word from you in years

Keep in touch with people who are in your life. Of course, all your close friends and family members. Of course, all the important people who have changed your life. But don't forget the people who made had done you some slight kindness at work or at school. Don't forget the people who you've done some kindness to.

Compile a mailing list or email list. Drop them a note every once in a while. They'll feel appreciated. This also builds your reputation. You never know when someone may need your help or vice versa.

On a personal note, I'm in Atlanta this weekend visiting a good friend of mine. Having some fun for St. Patty's weekend. Be sure to use your paid time off or vacation time at work. Many companies have a use it or lose it policy. So enjoy. You're entitled.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

You know those commercials of the good life but they’re filled with your grandparents? Why wait? Get it before you’re old. That doesn’t translate to spending and living outside of your means. It means choose your purchases smartly and manage your expenses.

Start putting money in your 401K. The money you put in there is pre-tax dollars and it lowers the amount of taxes you have to pay. You’d be amazed at how fast the amount adds up, especially if your employer matches. It’s like getting free money! You can then choose where you want to invest your money and starting earning returns on it. Be sure to thoroughly research your stock or mutual fund choice before making a risky investment.

Manage your money. Make a spreadsheet of how much you make and what your monthly expenses are. You have certain bills that you must pay. Rent, gas, electric, grocery, car, etc. Overestimate them. Find out what your disposable income is. Then take that number and put at least 10% in a savings account. Make sure you have limited access to the account, don’t get checks, debit card or an ATM card, this will discourage you from thinking that the money is available to spend. This money can go to stocks or bonds or a simple CD. Start earning returns. You’re doing well if at least your returns are above at least the inflation rate.

Another part of it is not spending all the money left over. Make your purchases smartly. There is a difference between need and want. One thing is for sure, you'll eventually need to and want to go on vacation, buy a house and retire!

Questions? Consult a tax and financial advisor.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Here’s to the nights we felt alive:

This week I’m going to dedicate this posting to my friends. Making new friends is hard. Friendships are almost like relationships but with more understanding and forgiveness.

You really have to go through some tough times with another person to bond with them. You really have to talk with them for hours about nothing for them to comprehend just how screwed up you are. You really have to have some fun times with them to help you get through the week.

So go and mingle! It's good for you.